E-Sport teams to be followed in 2019

Considering that e-Sport is now burgeoning all around the world, international competitions are launched in this regard. No matter if it goes with League of Legends or Dota, or others reference games, the best games are played in direct by distinguished teams, all better than ever. What teams will chill video games amateurs in 2019? Read this article!

Misfits, unbeatable on League of Legends

Only through one year, the team Misfits Gaming, based in Europe, has gained popularity: UK Premiership, Challenger Series US, LCS EU, the team got its fourth place during the World Spring segment. Now, it dreams better and stronger, being the second qualified in Europe. Let’s follow them in their international path.


Among the best players is a French, Paul Boyer, aka soAZ (team’s TOP), who’s also one of the most remunerated e-Sport players from France.


Astralis, the 2018 revelation


They are well-known for their performances at Counter-Strike and their amazing track record, but in 2018, the Danish team got the crown, being undefeated on their terrain of predilection.


With its title of “best team of the year”, of the world and of all times on CS, the team also won the Grand Chelem organized by Intel and the last Major in London: we don’t know the team could be less successful.


Cloud9, the multi-skilled and rewarded team  


It raises consensus: in 2018, it was amongst the best world e-Sport teams, not only for its game tournaments multi-presence (Cloud9 progresses in 11 game divisions, including Counter Strike and Lol), securing themselves a place for the Worlds 2018, and was also the first North-American team to raise a Major Cup.


It was qualified as the Overwathc League best team, that is why its name is on the lips of all for 2019.


Team Liquid, the most promising


After a wheezy start in 2015 (totalizing as much victories as defeats on the international scene), the Team Liquid is now on track with victory in a number of tournaments in 2018, notably in Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Under the limelight, the team has just signed new contracts with top-level sportsmen, including Michael Jordan. This constitutes a great early season for a promising team!


Vitality, the e-foot reference


The bee team has not only skilled players at League of Legends, Call of Duty (with which it begins), but also in e-foot, notably on FIFA, in which one of its mentees, Fouad Fares, became famous in international championship.


The French club of reference has now the light shone on it, and will look for new trophees in 2019, just when the EU LCS (League of Legends Championship) has just started in Berlin.



With a mean age of 27,3 years, the e-Sport teams are not the exclusive prerogative of young gamers, but are real professions, remunerated like real ground players! One more reason to follow these teams in 2019.